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The Eagles

Our_Mission Card IconOur Mission

Orchard School's mission is to provide a positive learning environment with high expectations, in which our school community can learn and grow together. A high degree of family involvement is encouraged, and plays a critical role in carrying out our mission. Orchard is a recognized California Distinguished School.

Our_vision Card Icon
Our vision

Every child can learn successfully with the support of the entire school community. 
Blue background. White text: ORCHARD PLEDGE. Picture of the front of Orchard Elementary School showing the front yard playground. On the Right is a cartoon eagle with the pledge: I'm an Orchard Eagle, I soar free. Following these rules I'm the best I can be. Under the Eagle, in bold, white letters are the phrases: Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.

PBIS_Kick-Off_Video Card IconPBIS Kick-Off Video

Orchards PBIS Brochure, Page 1. Picture of Eagle and a picture of people (different colors-read, purple, green, yellow) in a circle with their hands raised up.
PBIS Brochure page 2. Chart with eyeball that says: what it looks like and picture of an ear with: what it looks like. Written by it.